Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Last week Oliver and Mimi went to the water park.
It was 104 with the heat index and we (I) needed to cool off.

Thinking Oliver would LOVE it (HE DID NOT!!!!)

I put on his suit and off we went

You can see he is much happier in the stroller and NOT in the water.

I love his white hair, BIG blue eyes and toothy smile!


Since Connor starts all day Kindergarten in a couple weeks, I won't be sitting for him regularly any more. I wanted to do a fun craft project. I had purchased a white tee shirt on sale at
Hobby Lobby and I was "itching" do do SOMETHING with it.

After discussing it with Connor we decided to paint an angry bird on it!
I googled "angry birds coloring page" and printed his choice out on plain paper.
Then placing it under a piece of freezer paper I traced the complete design on the ROUGH side to make a iron on stencil.
I did all the cutting and ironing and Connor did the painting.
I think he was pleased with his craftiness and I was too.

DIY under $5