Friday, June 25, 2010

designing with mimi

4th of July activity.

I got this idea from Daisha

So I did this activity with my 4 yr old grandson and his 5 mo. old brother.
the baby didn't do much of his. :)
I think it went well.
I don't know where the photo of Connor painting his shirt is.

He had a great time and loves his new shirt!

click here to se a larger view.( the stars are kinda hard to see)
These are the items we used.I mix the fabric medium with the paint
to make it softer and premanent when washed.

First make sure they cover up their good clothes as shown in the first picture!

We made them each a little different.
On Oliver's onsie, I used the fabric medium and paint with no water. I used a foam brush and pounced to fill in the whole area. (kind of thick and took a long time to dry)
We added water to Connor's paint and fabric medium mix ,
and used a Sea sponge and he lightly pounced the paint on.
I like the look , it dries real fast and the project goes real fast.
(important when working with a 4 year old!!)

Oliver's onsie during the painting process