Friday, November 18, 2011

invasion of THE ANGRY BIRDS

Here is the last cake till Dec.

Connor had a bowling party with his friends for his 6th birthday!

The Angry Birds were invited too.(They did not however bowl).

Here is my ATTEMPT @ the cake.

I think the kids LOVED it.

I Love you Buddy!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Connor is ALREADY 6!

For 6 years I've been making my oldest grandsons BIRTHDAY CAKE. Each year we try to out do the last. Connor puts in the order and I oblige. With the Craze of ANGRY BIRDS ,
a 6 year old boy and you got it an Angry Birds theme.

Connor's Kindergarten class endulged in a mecca of sugary delight! (sorry mom's). We made 28 angry bird and pig cupcakes. I did the prep,then put a picture in front of connor and this is what he made.


Thanks to Brooke for the great tutorial!


Wow! I've been up to my ears in cake the past month.
First, I was honored to make my sister and new brother in-laws wedding cake for thier reception. They were married in Sedona Arizona and had a reception in thier home.
**(disclaimer)** I am not the CAKE BOSS!!

But I did have fun. Here is my effort.

Thanks Sis for trusting me with your cake.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Last week Oliver and Mimi went to the water park.
It was 104 with the heat index and we (I) needed to cool off.

Thinking Oliver would LOVE it (HE DID NOT!!!!)

I put on his suit and off we went

You can see he is much happier in the stroller and NOT in the water.

I love his white hair, BIG blue eyes and toothy smile!


Since Connor starts all day Kindergarten in a couple weeks, I won't be sitting for him regularly any more. I wanted to do a fun craft project. I had purchased a white tee shirt on sale at
Hobby Lobby and I was "itching" do do SOMETHING with it.

After discussing it with Connor we decided to paint an angry bird on it!
I googled "angry birds coloring page" and printed his choice out on plain paper.
Then placing it under a piece of freezer paper I traced the complete design on the ROUGH side to make a iron on stencil.
I did all the cutting and ironing and Connor did the painting.
I think he was pleased with his craftiness and I was too.

DIY under $5

Sunday, June 26, 2011

getting rid of clutter one shoe at a time

Though some may like this "LOOK" I was getting tired of it!

I was trying to find a solution When I ran across a "shoe cabinet"

in a Japanese table book!
" Brilliant" I exclaimed!! Well not really but I wanted to!

Any way while shopping for one just the right size and price I scored this baby ( for only 27.00).

( in it's first life it was a corner tv cabinet). As usual I didn't get a real" before" pic. First the hubs added a matching bull nose to the three sides of the top that had been flat, took off the masonite back and side panels with ply-wood and trimmed it out.
It was then kilzed, painted out with old paint (Alabaster by Valspar) I'd used on another project, added new knobs.

Wanting a fun surprise I painted the inside THIS color!

(Spa blue by Decoart)
Now we have a shoe cozy!
What do you think?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day 2011

What dad doesn't love to eat or grill??

Well I have the perfect thing to please either!

It's a grill cake. How cute is this??

I saw something like this somewhere. ( I think in a magazine )

I thought my grandsons would get a kick out of it.

The cake was baked in a prepared aluminum bowl.

The coal and fire are cookie crumbled and mixed with black gel, and m&m's.

The hamburgers are oat meal cookies brushed with cocoa powder.

and topped with "cheese" colored fondant.

The hot dogs are stubby pretzels wrapped in fondant

and tinted with red and blue color and brushed with cinnamon.

The lines were also made by dipping a tooth pick

in cinnamon to create "grill marks"

Both the legs and handles were wrapped in fondant as well.

The body of the grill was frosted in white

then sprayed red with wilton red food spray.

I think this would make a great 4th of July cake too,try it!

Linked to

Friday, June 3, 2011

Father's Day gift

Father's day is fast approaching and I helped my grandsons make their Daddy an amazing gift that I think he'll cherish for ever.
While browsing the web I came across
THIS site and adorable DIY for Father's Day and just had to make it. I just noticed we both used very similar fabrics! (It was the best "boy fabric" in my stash that didn't have robots, or dogs on it). I followed her instructions with a few changes. ( just make sure you have the hands arranged so they will fit the size opening you want BEFORE you iron them on and sew around them. I found the frame at T J MAXX on clearance. The frame was already matted and had a picture in it. I just ripped out the ugly picture and re-framed it with the adorable hand prints of my little sweeties! I also decided not to put the cute saying on the frame because it was not a "crafty " styled frame. This was a pretty easy project and one that is a real keeper! If you double click on the pictures you'll notice the boy's names and ages are written beside each wrist. *NOTE* if you have a little one, you may want to trace their hand while he's sleeping! just a thought. :) Please check out roots and wings co. she has wonderful tutorials!


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hand made padded envelope

Needing a quick craft "fix", I decided to venture to somewhere a little different in CRAFT LAND.
I made this one of a kind padded mailing envelope.

As an Etsy shop owner, I use padded mailers quite a bit. I don't use enough consistently to by them in bulk.
I used to make a lot of cards so I have tons of scrap book paper.

The first thing I did was take 2 12x12 pieces of paper and cut 2 inches off one.
I used 4 pieces of double stick tape ( that has protective layer that needs to be removed) on the inside of the longest one. (12x12 )
I then tacked (with another small piece of double faced tape) padding ( 11x9 ) in the middle of each sheet of paper, leaving an edge of about 1/4 in.
Next, I carefully laid the smaller piece to the larger piece.
I pressed all around the edges to make a nice seal.
Using a straight edge, I carefully folded the top edge down to make a flap.
I used more tape, leaving the protective layer on until I actually use it.
Then I used the scrap two inches of the paper and cut it a bit larger than a mailing label.
I happened to use double sided paper so I used the contrasting side and punched a flower design in one corner and put on the mailing label.
I really love the way it turned out. I would love getting this baby in my mail box.

2 12x12 heavy scrap book paper
Double sided tape ( you can get scrap booking tape ) I used terrifically tacky tape it has a red protective layer.
Mailing label
Small flower ( or what ever type you want ) punch.
Bubble wrap recycled from old mailer,or purchased at the roller tree.

Hope this tutorial is helpful.
NOTE: To make different sizes just adjust the measurements to fit your needs.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

More Totes

I'm so excited about this pattern. Can you tell??

Each one is so different and so cute in it's own way

I think some these are going to a couple of women at my Hubbies work.

Just wanted to show them off.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Isn't She Lovely

I have always wanted one of these vases, so while on a thrifting trip to find a cabinet to re-do (that will be another post) I ran across her!!! I instantly wanted "LUCY" I think she looks like Lucille Ball any way... Not one of my Thriftiest moments though. Lucy cost a whopping $39.00.
She still had the circa 1958 Hooks price tag for .98 and I paid $.39.00 !! Please Someone tell me she was a bargain and really worth like I don't know maybe a million?
Well I love her any way and my Hubby is the one who talked me into getting her! Love him.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

More cuteness

Can you tell that I really love this lunch bag pattern??

I cant stop making them. It all started with this one just so I could use that adorable turtle fabric.

Now I'm hooked. My other sis K. loves green so.... you know I just had to make one for her.

While enjoying a Very Rare day off I went Targeting and found these fab kitchen towels

and you got it... more cool lunch bags. These are all "cool" because they have insulating fabric and wipe off water resistant rip stop nylon lining them. The drawstring inner cover is nice so no goodies can fall out, and it nearly doubles the amount of items you can put in it.

I think this would make a great purse or even a great diaper bag for shorter trips.

I also made this nice wris-let key fob,

using some of the pretty ribbon used in the apple lunch tote. This will go in my etsy shop.
If you love buying hand made check it out.