Sunday, June 26, 2011

getting rid of clutter one shoe at a time

Though some may like this "LOOK" I was getting tired of it!

I was trying to find a solution When I ran across a "shoe cabinet"

in a Japanese table book!
" Brilliant" I exclaimed!! Well not really but I wanted to!

Any way while shopping for one just the right size and price I scored this baby ( for only 27.00).

( in it's first life it was a corner tv cabinet). As usual I didn't get a real" before" pic. First the hubs added a matching bull nose to the three sides of the top that had been flat, took off the masonite back and side panels with ply-wood and trimmed it out.
It was then kilzed, painted out with old paint (Alabaster by Valspar) I'd used on another project, added new knobs.

Wanting a fun surprise I painted the inside THIS color!

(Spa blue by Decoart)
Now we have a shoe cozy!
What do you think?

1 comment:

  1. nice shoe cubby! ....i liked the shoe pile though....haha! jk.

    get the patio ready and fire up the grill, minegars are on their way! xo