Friday, June 3, 2011

Father's Day gift

Father's day is fast approaching and I helped my grandsons make their Daddy an amazing gift that I think he'll cherish for ever.
While browsing the web I came across
THIS site and adorable DIY for Father's Day and just had to make it. I just noticed we both used very similar fabrics! (It was the best "boy fabric" in my stash that didn't have robots, or dogs on it). I followed her instructions with a few changes. ( just make sure you have the hands arranged so they will fit the size opening you want BEFORE you iron them on and sew around them. I found the frame at T J MAXX on clearance. The frame was already matted and had a picture in it. I just ripped out the ugly picture and re-framed it with the adorable hand prints of my little sweeties! I also decided not to put the cute saying on the frame because it was not a "crafty " styled frame. This was a pretty easy project and one that is a real keeper! If you double click on the pictures you'll notice the boy's names and ages are written beside each wrist. *NOTE* if you have a little one, you may want to trace their hand while he's sleeping! just a thought. :) Please check out roots and wings co. she has wonderful tutorials!



  1. Thanks so much for sending us a link to this! You did a great job, and your version turned out so cute!


  2. precious. joe is gonna flip!