Monday, June 24, 2013

What does black nail polish, mauve vinyl floors

 and pink plastic tile have in common?

I'll tell you!
My vinyl flooring in my full bath is dressed for the 90's, the walls ? 60's. Can you say mauve and 3 shades of pink plastic tile?  While the bathroom works, she is pretty ugly. We plan a full re-do in a few years but in the mean time I got to work on that ugly duckling and while she's not a Swan, she looks better.

Wipe the floors good first
Mauve vinyl

painters tape
done! (well this section. )

I still have a few more to go! Ha ha, but its about 1 min. per tile start to finish!

I think She's gonna be Beautiful and fit in more with our 1920's look!
let me know what you think!