Saturday, September 11, 2010

week word*key*

I'm a little late due to a miserable head cold and grandkids for two days.
Love the grandkids hate the cold!!

Sally at Sow and Sew chose our week word

The word KEY can be a noun or an adjective .
A KEY can be an item that un-locks and it can be essential, important an answer or solution .
There are Latch KEY Kids. A KEY as a means of entry to the closet of "skeletons"? hmmm...
How about that KEY that translates the map? I always wanted the KEY with the answers to the BIG TEST!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

wrinkles of humanity

Junebug chose the word WRINKLES

for the weekword this week. check out her blog to see others participating.

When I think of the word wrinkle I think of all of humanity.
Those wonderfully soft folds of a new born baby,and the happy facial expression of a smile.
We see wrinkles on hands that have worked tirelessly and concern on a troubled face.
I've seen that satisfied look on a proud child's face, the electrifying look of surprise.
I've seen the agony and distress of pain and the time worn lines of old age.

Here are some of my pictures of humanity.
Can you think of any more wrinkles of humanity?

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