Friday, September 3, 2010

wrinkles of humanity

Junebug chose the word WRINKLES

for the weekword this week. check out her blog to see others participating.

When I think of the word wrinkle I think of all of humanity.
Those wonderfully soft folds of a new born baby,and the happy facial expression of a smile.
We see wrinkles on hands that have worked tirelessly and concern on a troubled face.
I've seen that satisfied look on a proud child's face, the electrifying look of surprise.
I've seen the agony and distress of pain and the time worn lines of old age.

Here are some of my pictures of humanity.
Can you think of any more wrinkles of humanity?

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  1. This is awesome. cd

  2. I don't know which wrinkles I like the most. Those old wrinkles as signs of a long life filled with experiences and - hopefully - wisdom. Or those new ones, filled with knowledge of what proceeded before life on earth.

  3. Beautiful little slice of humanity you've pictured and so many lovely creases to remember the touch of-what amazing trips down memory lane you've taken me on! Great job!

  4. Lovely words.... I think mostly of old age, but you've made me reconsider!

  5. I adore your wrinkles. Very touching post.