Friday, August 27, 2010


Well here it is!

I'm not much for writing, but I do like graphics.

Seeing the weekword begin, I began to think of all this word entails.

Thanks S.Minegar for the inspiring word!
Check out her blog and see the links to all the others participating in this weekword

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  1. I love the words you've chosen, particularly "establish." I think a lot of times we think of being established as a far off dream, when in actuality we are establishing ourselves all along. We wait for it to "begin," but it's a much more involved process. Beginning is a process. So glad you joined us this week! xo

  2. Great graphic. As a lover of words I enjoyed the fun. I really liked launch and originate. Originate is great as I think of a beginning being the origin. A place to look back to and see the progress made.

  3. I like the word "create" - you've really captured the words that "trigger" new "beginning" to "produce" & "activate" more "causes"... ha! this was fun... will I see you participate next week?