Monday, June 24, 2013

What does black nail polish, mauve vinyl floors

 and pink plastic tile have in common?

I'll tell you!
My vinyl flooring in my full bath is dressed for the 90's, the walls ? 60's. Can you say mauve and 3 shades of pink plastic tile?  While the bathroom works, she is pretty ugly. We plan a full re-do in a few years but in the mean time I got to work on that ugly duckling and while she's not a Swan, she looks better.

Wipe the floors good first
Mauve vinyl

painters tape
done! (well this section. )

I still have a few more to go! Ha ha, but its about 1 min. per tile start to finish!

I think She's gonna be Beautiful and fit in more with our 1920's look!
let me know what you think!

Monday, March 18, 2013

From Bathroom to Kitchen Pantry

2nd bathroom in our 1922 craftsman 4 square
very nasty and small.  Look at that floor

tiny sink and victorian t.p. roll

I thought if I could find a nice font to type this post in it would make it sound less Gross, no such luck.

 Any who..... We had this funky 1/2 bath more like a 1/8th bath.  If you could get your butt on the toilet,

you needed to make sure you didn't take out your teeth on that funky, nasty, tiny sink.

The wall paper was colonial and yes we had an out side fixture to light our job site.

 Down to the left of the sink  there was a solid brass victorian paper roll with a wooden spindle.

  Above the toilet is a 6x12 open window for light and air I guess. Well it was a second toilet.

OMG look at that floor after we took that lovely out!  GROSS.
                                 ** TA- DAH ** ENTER NEW PANTRY

AS YOU CAN SEE  no more yellow brick road! the floor now matches the kitchen's new floor.

C. hung shelves and made shallow ones for canned goods straight ahead and to the right are nice deep

ones to hold cereal boxes and the like.  Can I say PANTRY LOVE???? Thanks honey Love you too!

I think it's much better as a pantry don't you?

                                                    Ahhh........  Much better use of space

The kitchen in-between

Here are some random pictures to prove there was actually work done to get it from beginning to the reveal

in the beginning 
dry wall repairs

No more light green paneling
one layer off! Woohoo
painting the cabinet doors
wainscot up

ready to clean the cabinet doors
walls painted
lots of dirty cabinet doors just waiting....

                                               Tackling those windows

ugly tile in kitchen window

after a looooong time, one tile at a time

safety first!
getting ready to scrape lead paint!

dampen lead paint with water

Scrape and bag 

Kitchen Reveal

                                              What a DIFFERENCE!!!

I'm about 10 months late posting this. We've been to busy to collect photos. I'm love'in the colors.

This kitchen feels bigger than it really is thanks to some smart cabinet removal by the Hubs! Note over the frig and sink. We used a short cabinet door from one of the demo's and made a perfect spot for the micro wave. You can see the change in cabinet color and floors! Bye-Bye yellow brick road go back to OZ!  I made the roman shades. Right now their just panels draped over 3 tension rods. Very easy.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Our Kitchen Before

Well it's been 3 months since we bought the house!
Here is the kitchen before!
dark cabinets, yellow counters
 2 harvest gold appliances
tiny white frig.
"yellow brick road" laminate flooring

neon    yikes

This is one of the first rooms we tackled. I wanted it ready to cook Easter brunch for our kids and their families
So it starts Feb 17,2012 (well actually about the 14th with illness and floors being refinished).for the next 6 weeks we worked 7days a week about 12-15 hrs. a day!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

our new house

The hubs and I just bought a 1922 craftsman 4 square. love it!

While it's got great bones, it also came with not so great 70's decor. hate it!

I plan to document the whole renovation as we do it. We plan to do most of the work ourselves.

Since we own two houses, the budget will be slim. Got to sell our old house as soon as we can.

The hard wood floors and beautiful stair case are covered in carpet. I'd like to choke the guy that used soooo many staples! That alone will take forever. Luckly we like projects.

We've both been sick with pneumonia since we closed 6 days ago so.. not much work going on yet.

We have had lots of time to make plans and pick out colors for most of the rooms. Guess it's good I like to paint! Now if I could get someone to pack up my old house... DON'T like packing.

hope you enjoy our BEFORE and AFTERS.

Monday, January 30, 2012

before and after

For christmas, I got a silhouette cameo!
Since then, I've been cutting up a storm.

Any hoo! I had a $2.00 small white tee-shirt in my stash, but it's cold here in Indiana!!

So...Enter an old well used long sleeved infant shirt.
(sorry I forgot before pics)

First I cut off the neck, sleeves and bottom hem. This is what it looks like now.

I then attached each in it's proper spot inside the white shirt.

My grandson LOVES tractors, so his Mimi ( that's me) just had to cut one out of flocked vinyl and iron it on the front of the newly designed shirt.

I also added his name ( which happens to be the name of a tractor co. in Indiana!) to the tractor. Soooo cute!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Another year has come and gone!


Oliver has yet to "request" his birthday cake, so....
I decided I should make him " The very hungry caterpillar" for his #2 birthday.
The cake was a BIG hit!
Happy Birthday Ollie

2 cake mixes, bunt cake pans , 1 large can white frosting. green,yellow,blue food coloring. red paste food dye.
yellow and green fruit roll ups ,gushers,1 green jelly bean,
1 black licorice stick
make 2 bunt cakes ( I used funfetti )
cut 1 in half for the top hump.
cut the leftover half, in half for the " neck and tail"
using the other cake , cut wedges to fill in to make the shape. " glue " with frosting.
for the head , slice several "straight" pieces and stack to make a round shape. " glue" together with matching frosting.

Using 3/4 of 1 large can of white frosting in a bowl and green,yellow and blue food color. start with green and frost several sections of the caterpillar in stripes.
then add yellow to the green frosting to for a different color, frost more stripes blending with the 1st green stripes. Finally add the blue to the frosting, changing the color once more and frost stripes blending them with the others. This will make the multi colored body.
With the rest of the white frosting add red PASTE food dye for a deep red face.
for the eyes I used yellow fruit roll ups cut in a oval shape topped off with green fruit roll ups cut into a bit smaller oval. For the nose I used a green jelly bean.
The antena is black licorice . The feet are gushers.
all the fruit candy was purchased in a mixed selection box.

Friday, November 18, 2011

invasion of THE ANGRY BIRDS

Here is the last cake till Dec.

Connor had a bowling party with his friends for his 6th birthday!

The Angry Birds were invited too.(They did not however bowl).

Here is my ATTEMPT @ the cake.

I think the kids LOVED it.

I Love you Buddy!