Thursday, January 19, 2012

Another year has come and gone!


Oliver has yet to "request" his birthday cake, so....
I decided I should make him " The very hungry caterpillar" for his #2 birthday.
The cake was a BIG hit!
Happy Birthday Ollie

2 cake mixes, bunt cake pans , 1 large can white frosting. green,yellow,blue food coloring. red paste food dye.
yellow and green fruit roll ups ,gushers,1 green jelly bean,
1 black licorice stick
make 2 bunt cakes ( I used funfetti )
cut 1 in half for the top hump.
cut the leftover half, in half for the " neck and tail"
using the other cake , cut wedges to fill in to make the shape. " glue " with frosting.
for the head , slice several "straight" pieces and stack to make a round shape. " glue" together with matching frosting.

Using 3/4 of 1 large can of white frosting in a bowl and green,yellow and blue food color. start with green and frost several sections of the caterpillar in stripes.
then add yellow to the green frosting to for a different color, frost more stripes blending with the 1st green stripes. Finally add the blue to the frosting, changing the color once more and frost stripes blending them with the others. This will make the multi colored body.
With the rest of the white frosting add red PASTE food dye for a deep red face.
for the eyes I used yellow fruit roll ups cut in a oval shape topped off with green fruit roll ups cut into a bit smaller oval. For the nose I used a green jelly bean.
The antena is black licorice . The feet are gushers.
all the fruit candy was purchased in a mixed selection box.


  1. Adorable! I love how he is totally 2 in the top pics, but as soon as he is ready to eat, he is a little man. He owns that fork! ha!

    Cutie pie!

    Great work, Ma!

  2. Love the cake and He is such a cutie !!!!