Monday, January 30, 2012

before and after

For christmas, I got a silhouette cameo!
Since then, I've been cutting up a storm.

Any hoo! I had a $2.00 small white tee-shirt in my stash, but it's cold here in Indiana!!

So...Enter an old well used long sleeved infant shirt.
(sorry I forgot before pics)

First I cut off the neck, sleeves and bottom hem. This is what it looks like now.

I then attached each in it's proper spot inside the white shirt.

My grandson LOVES tractors, so his Mimi ( that's me) just had to cut one out of flocked vinyl and iron it on the front of the newly designed shirt.

I also added his name ( which happens to be the name of a tractor co. in Indiana!) to the tractor. Soooo cute!


  1. You are so amazingly talented. I love you Mimi. cd

  2. Very cute! Looks just like a GAP kids t-shirt.....have you considered selling to GAP?! hehe!

    Amazing as always. xo