Thursday, February 23, 2012

our new house

The hubs and I just bought a 1922 craftsman 4 square. love it!

While it's got great bones, it also came with not so great 70's decor. hate it!

I plan to document the whole renovation as we do it. We plan to do most of the work ourselves.

Since we own two houses, the budget will be slim. Got to sell our old house as soon as we can.

The hard wood floors and beautiful stair case are covered in carpet. I'd like to choke the guy that used soooo many staples! That alone will take forever. Luckly we like projects.

We've both been sick with pneumonia since we closed 6 days ago so.. not much work going on yet.

We have had lots of time to make plans and pick out colors for most of the rooms. Guess it's good I like to paint! Now if I could get someone to pack up my old house... DON'T like packing.

hope you enjoy our BEFORE and AFTERS.

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