Tuesday, November 16, 2010

He's how old???

Happy 5th Birthday Connor! It's that time again!! Connor is 5, and although he's NEVER eaten a hamburger,

when he saw a hamburger cake in a book he said "Mimi make this one when I'm 5." I am always up for a challenge, so I jumped at the chance!

I didn't want to poke things in the top of the " bun" so I created a large fries and drink ( to round out the meal ) and also to put the birthday boy's info out there. I've always wanted to try fondant and found this recipe for marshmallow fondant that was really easy to make.

http://chiccookiekits.blogspot.com/2010/03/finallyhomemade-marshmallow-fondant-and.html The lettuce,onions,cheese,and sesame seeds are all fondant. The buns are Carmel cake frosted in carmel frosting and the burger is dark fudge chocolate cake un frosted. My hubby thought it would look more real. I think he was right!

I thought I'd take pics as I put it together.

That didn't work too well. Yes that is a hairdryer you see!

Havn't you ever seen the cake boss?

(he uses heat ...or is it steam?) I think it's steam duh...oh well I was trying to make the fondant shinny. DO NOT use a hair dryer unless you want to melt the frosting!

As you can see Connor loved the cake.

Can't wait to see what he picks for next year!

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Friday, October 22, 2010

BOO :)

Just a little post to let you see what my 4yr old grandson and I made the other day.
I painted the big orange B and painted his hands white to make the oo in BOO.
Quick and easy! I dipped the end of a paint brush in the orange paint to make the faces, then used black for the insides.

abc button

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Starring the I pad.....Drum roll please!

While at best buy looking for a new modem ,I came across the i pad.
The hubs has been drooling (I mean researching) them for a while and thought it would be fun to have one, and I'm here to tell you It is!! We came home with one that very night.
Looking at the plethora of sleeves they were selling I decided I could make one for way less $$
So...I did. I was on tip nut this morn and there was a wonderful tutorial by Shelly Miller Leer to make this awesome sleeve. This was very easy and I had everything I needed including a suede coat that I used for the trim. What do you think??

No Internet!

Oh No!! No Internet

My Internet has been down 2 weeks now! Who knew a body could miss such a thing. I’ve missed my crafty blog sites Alot !! I have been doing a little sewing though. More baby things. I plan to get these up on my etsy shop soon, but if anyone wants any of it you can e-mail me and let me know. These were really fun to do. I love the embellishment best of all. I am getting more work done around the house. Hmmm…. wonder if that’s what the hubby was thinking when he changed internet providers! I’ve got a new job, 6 days a week with 1 client and one day with the 2 grandkids. Not a lot of time left to do much of anything. It feels good to be Bringing in a paycheck after having been laid off eleven weeks ago. Hope you enjoyed the bib and burp sets.
They sell for $16.00 per set.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

week word*key*

I'm a little late due to a miserable head cold and grandkids for two days.
Love the grandkids hate the cold!!

Sally at Sow and Sew chose our week word

The word KEY can be a noun or an adjective .
A KEY can be an item that un-locks and it can be essential, important an answer or solution .
There are Latch KEY Kids. A KEY as a means of entry to the closet of "skeletons"? hmmm...
How about that KEY that translates the map? I always wanted the KEY with the answers to the BIG TEST!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

wrinkles of humanity

Junebug chose the word WRINKLES

for the weekword this week. check out her blog to see others participating.

When I think of the word wrinkle I think of all of humanity.
Those wonderfully soft folds of a new born baby,and the happy facial expression of a smile.
We see wrinkles on hands that have worked tirelessly and concern on a troubled face.
I've seen that satisfied look on a proud child's face, the electrifying look of surprise.
I've seen the agony and distress of pain and the time worn lines of old age.

Here are some of my pictures of humanity.
Can you think of any more wrinkles of humanity?

click to enlarge

Friday, August 27, 2010


Well here it is!

I'm not much for writing, but I do like graphics.

Seeing the weekword begin, I began to think of all this word entails.

Thanks S.Minegar for the inspiring word!
Check out her blog and see the links to all the others participating in this weekword

click on pic to enlarge

Saturday, August 14, 2010


click for larger view

I've not been doing much crafting as of late.
I had a bone graft in my mouth and have felt pretty #$@*&%.

But the other night when I couldn't sleep I created this!

I printed out the letters in mirror first.

Then I traced the words on freezer paper.

I then hand cut out all the letters, ironed it to the onsie and painted.

I think Oliver looks adorable in it.

click the picture to view larger

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A wonderful week-end

We had an awesome time last weekend.

First we got to spend it with our best friends,
(a big shout out to W&J) who we don't see often enough!

Second we spent it in a wonderful B&B.

The Inn at Irwin Gardens in Columbus Indiana.

A wonderful mansion built in 1864 and updated in 1910. Wonderful hosts Jim and Eve , wonderful food , and BEST friends what more could you ask for? This lovely historical town has submerged it's self in Architecture and the arts, boasting architects/ firms such as Gunnar Birkerts,Harry Weese,Taft Architects and Artist's Dale Chihuly's wonderful sculpted glass in the Visitors Center, and Jo Saylors scupture "Puddles and Frog Pond" which can be found at the Bartholomew Consolidated Shchool Admin bldg.

Here is a quick view of our visit.
click on pictures for larger view

This is the back of the mansion and the garden.

The grand stair way and hand carved celings.

All of the furnishings are original to home.

Great Fun!

Monday, July 12, 2010

adding to my etsy shop

I'm adding items other than baby things to my etsy shop.
Here are some really nice Tea/drink mix wallets.
They keep your tea bags and such
from getting dirty or lost in the bottom of your purse!
I think these would make great gifts.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Help Oliver go to college

Help Oliver go to College

Help my adorable Grandson win a scholarship
through Gerber by voting for him in the Gerber baby photo contest!
1. go to http://www.gerber.com/photo/#/vote/
2. click VOTE
4. enter: Oliver, South Bend
5. Vote by entering your email address,
click the Gerber baby "security check,"
and click VOTE NOW
Thanks for your support!

Friday, June 25, 2010

designing with mimi

4th of July activity.

I got this idea from Daisha

So I did this activity with my 4 yr old grandson and his 5 mo. old brother.
the baby didn't do much of his. :)
I think it went well.
I don't know where the photo of Connor painting his shirt is.

He had a great time and loves his new shirt!

click here to se a larger view.( the stars are kinda hard to see)
These are the items we used.I mix the fabric medium with the paint
to make it softer and premanent when washed.

First make sure they cover up their good clothes as shown in the first picture!

We made them each a little different.
On Oliver's onsie, I used the fabric medium and paint with no water. I used a foam brush and pounced to fill in the whole area. (kind of thick and took a long time to dry)
We added water to Connor's paint and fabric medium mix ,
and used a Sea sponge and he lightly pounced the paint on.
I like the look , it dries real fast and the project goes real fast.
(important when working with a 4 year old!!)

Oliver's onsie during the painting process

Thursday, June 24, 2010

adorable post-it-note covers

I have tons of scrap booking stuff, but I rarely scrapbook. I do, however, make cards and other nifty things. I came across this fun notepad cover idea back in November and I have since made a zillion! They are fun and easy.

Here are some I have done:

And here's how it's done:

Go to your favorite local crafting center and get a book covering kit. Mine is the 3'' x 3" kit from Michael's--it's perfect for post-it notes. My kit included a plastic template, note pads, and cardboard spine and covers for about 3 or 4 books. This kit will get you started (with supplies, dimensions, and a reusable template) but once you get the hang of things, you can probably go kit free.

I now have my handy husband cut the covers and spines (he is more accurate than me!) out of illustration board and I get my post-it notes in bulk whenever they are on sale. You can buy pastel colors or just the regular yellow. I recommend using 15 x 20" illustration board-Medium (mine is from Hobby Lobby ) and cutting it yourself-- it will save you a lot of moolah!

These make great gifts. ENJOY!!

* If you'd like more detailed instructions, check out my tutorial.*