Saturday, September 11, 2010

week word*key*

I'm a little late due to a miserable head cold and grandkids for two days.
Love the grandkids hate the cold!!

Sally at Sow and Sew chose our week word

The word KEY can be a noun or an adjective .
A KEY can be an item that un-locks and it can be essential, important an answer or solution .
There are Latch KEY Kids. A KEY as a means of entry to the closet of "skeletons"? hmmm...
How about that KEY that translates the map? I always wanted the KEY with the answers to the BIG TEST!!!


  1. Wished I had that test Key too!

    There is also a KEY to one's heart...and a musical KEY (both pitch-wise and on a piano). It can be a deciding factor or a special stone that supports an arch (I think). Bet there are even more.

    Fun word.

  2. Hey Suzy, Thanks for stopping by On the V side! If you end up doing the bookmarks, a great way to "cute them up" even further for a gift is to have them on bright colored cardstock with a "love mom", or along a cute ribbon (so they stay together).

    Happy crafting, and thanks again for stopping by!