Monday, March 18, 2013

From Bathroom to Kitchen Pantry

2nd bathroom in our 1922 craftsman 4 square
very nasty and small.  Look at that floor

tiny sink and victorian t.p. roll

I thought if I could find a nice font to type this post in it would make it sound less Gross, no such luck.

 Any who..... We had this funky 1/2 bath more like a 1/8th bath.  If you could get your butt on the toilet,

you needed to make sure you didn't take out your teeth on that funky, nasty, tiny sink.

The wall paper was colonial and yes we had an out side fixture to light our job site.

 Down to the left of the sink  there was a solid brass victorian paper roll with a wooden spindle.

  Above the toilet is a 6x12 open window for light and air I guess. Well it was a second toilet.

OMG look at that floor after we took that lovely out!  GROSS.
                                 ** TA- DAH ** ENTER NEW PANTRY

AS YOU CAN SEE  no more yellow brick road! the floor now matches the kitchen's new floor.

C. hung shelves and made shallow ones for canned goods straight ahead and to the right are nice deep

ones to hold cereal boxes and the like.  Can I say PANTRY LOVE???? Thanks honey Love you too!

I think it's much better as a pantry don't you?

                                                    Ahhh........  Much better use of space

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