Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Connor is ALREADY 6!

For 6 years I've been making my oldest grandsons BIRTHDAY CAKE. Each year we try to out do the last. Connor puts in the order and I oblige. With the Craze of ANGRY BIRDS ,
a 6 year old boy and you got it an Angry Birds theme.

Connor's Kindergarten class endulged in a mecca of sugary delight! (sorry mom's). We made 28 angry bird and pig cupcakes. I did the prep,then put a picture in front of connor and this is what he made.


Thanks to Brooke for the great tutorial!


  1. LOVE THESE! Can't wait to see the OTHER cake too! You are too fabulous!

  2. Oh, these turned out wonderfully! You and Connor did an amazing job! Thanks for linking to my tutorial. Happy Birthday! :)