Monday, June 21, 2010


It's a Wrap

I just got a new dog a couple of months ago.
Max is an 18 month old Maltipoo.

While taking Max for a walk the other day,

I noticed he is a hyper dog and pulls,

choking himself with each step.


(click to se a larger view. )

I decided to make a wrap that takes all the pressure off Max's neck.

The wrap is easy to get on and off,
and because of the reversable nature of the wrap,
the webbing works as a handle as well.

If you have a little one,
you know how important it can be
to swoop the little thing up in a hurry

(when a big dog comes by and TINY thinks he's Mr. BIG!** CHOMP**)
It works like a charm.
Max and I enjoy his walks now!
I will be getting the tutorial / template done and
posting it soon.

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