Friday, February 20, 2009

Everybody's TELLING it.

Twenty five random things about me.

1. I still remember my first childhood phone #(and I'm almost 50)

2. I love dogs. My favorite pet was a toy poodle named Shalimar.

3. My first car was my Grandma and Grandpa's old car. The car was passed down from my sisters, after K . hit the phone pole I got it. (No the giant dent was never fixed!)

4. In high school, I had a early morning music class. Late as usual, I jumped out of my car and locked the door.I heard music playing ...yes it was my radio. I had locked the car still running! I had to tell my teacher and get one of the guys in class to break into it so I could turn the car off.

5. I married my soul mate at the age of 17. Thirty two years later I love him even more!

6. I am a MIMI to 3 year old Connor Joe and I love it.

7. I graduated in May, got married in July and turned 18 in Aug. All the same year.

8. I learned how to use a snow blower this year! (I figured it out all by myself !)

9. My favorite ice cream flavor is Bonnie Doone peppermint chip.

10. Since July 1977, I have lived in 15 different homes and lived in 3 different states, including Indiana, Arkansas, and Kentucky.

11. Most of the rooms in my house are decorated in earth tones.

12. I like to be creative and teach others what I know, so they too can experience the joy of creativity.

13. I went snow shoeing and cross country skiing for the first time all in the same weekend,at the age of 49+, and lived to tell it! I also have pictures to prove it! mostly on my butt, but anyway...

14. I could eat peanut butter and banana or grape jelly sandwiches every day and not get tired of it. I would, however, be the size of a blimp!

15. I just learned about blogging and made my account only a few weeks ago, and I'm hooked!
Thanks Sis!

16. I not only have two wonderful children, but an awesome son- and daughter-in -law too.

17. This past year has been life changing.

18. I could lock myself in my craft room for a year and not get through all the stuff in there!

19. It's hard for me to pass up a good "DEAL".

20. I love to read out loud to my husband and have him read to me.

21. I try to drink at least 100 ounces of water a day.

22. I rarely keep any of the things I make. I like to pass them on.

23. My bed time is 9:00pm.

24. I can't eat lettuce!!!... Think salad shooter!

25. I voted for Obama!

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  1. Great post! I learned something new! Loved the locked keys in the car story. Remember when that happened at McDonald's when I was about seven? We had to have the police break in that time. :)