Thursday, March 24, 2011

Review and Give away!!


I'm excited!!

This week my etsy shop will be featured on The Trendy Mommy Blog.

Karyn is a mom of 4 young'ens and ask to review one of my bibs on her blog!

I'm doing a give away there too! Just go visit her site,read her review and leave a comment.

She will have several different opportunities to get in more entries ( or chances to win ) your choice of either my boys bug bib and burp set or my girls lady bug bib and burp set!

If you will, please leave me a comment and let me know what you like in my shop or what you would love to see.

Tell your friends about it too :)

Good Luck on the contest!!

Boys bug and burp set Girls ladybug bib and burp set


  1. yay! i am still in love with those baby moccasins
    and that sock monkey bib!

    can't wait for you giveaway!


  2. This is so great!! I love the bibs and I hope I'm the winner :-)