Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Good Tools !

Good tools make a happy gardener!

I was looking through a gardening book and came across this awesome apron design--I just knew I needed to make one! I love to deadhead my flowers, but hate hauling around a bucket to put the clippings in. With this apron, I have a "bucket" right here on my waist! Boning holds the chute open at the top and Velcro keeps the chute in place. Just un-velcro, dump into a trash can and voila a happy gardener!

Here are photos of my "affordable" apron.I started out with a jean apron from GoodWill. I then took it apart. I kept the top part, but embellished it with pretty fabric. The chute is made from the skirt part of the apron and some of that cute fabric used earlier. I lined the chute with fabric from a laundry bag from the dollar spot at Target.

Total cost: about $ 2.00.


  1. Adorable! Between this apron and your copper plant stakes, I'm ready to garden! Too bad I live in an apartment. :)


    PS. I love that Penny is in the background, "protecting" the yard.

  2. I might have to make one of these to wear during the summer projects! Cool design, as always.


  3. jill ann stewartMay 2, 2009 at 3:51 AM

    Really neat...I also love your copper plant stakes. That's something I would like to make

  4. Jill, I will send you the instructions and the copper. How many stakes will you need?