Saturday, June 6, 2009

baby shoes


These little shoes are so cute and fun to make. The moccasins were my design adaption. My daughter's brother-in-law was pitching a beautiful suede coat.I snatched it up, knowing that something wonderful would come out of it!!
The leather was so easy to sew. The only thing needing lining was the top of the shoe to give me a place to run the elastic. I made some fabric pairs too. I think they are all adorable.
I have another grand baby on the way and lots of co-workers that are having babies.
Can't wait to give them as gifts!

These shoes sell for $15.00 a pair
except for the suede ones which are $20.00.
To order please leave comment and e-mail.

1 comment:

  1. These are adorable! What will you think of next?! I especially adore the moccasins and the suede fringe! New baby D is in for a treat!