Tuesday, June 2, 2009

the BIG move

This has been a tough and very long process, but thanks to my sweet husband who is not only handy, but also very supportive, we got done! For some time I've wanted a sunny and accessible craft room. Well, I got it! My old craft crafting/sewing room was upstairs in a small and cramped space. It easily became overrun, even when I tried to keep it clean. Then it clicked-- we had a practically unused computer room on the first floor-- the perfect new space!

my old craft room

the new space: before
UGH !!!!

Note: The before pic.is not the "true" before picture--this is after moving things out and moving things in. We're not that messy!

During ...

After... Ahhhh

the new curtains keep things hidden when I want them hidden

my labeled drawers (no excuses not to put things away)

Room shifting is a rather tedious (and messy) process. Yes, our house looks like a bomb went off (not too excited about that). But it's Tuesday and I'm off work and it's raining, soooo I guess I'll clean.

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  1. Wowsers!! I am extremely impressed with your sophisticated new space! You've re-purposed this room so well. Great use of closet space...I love all of the niches and shelves. Great storage solutions too! The mail sorter (drawered cabinet)is such a handsome piece--when it isn't collecting "stuff." What an inspiring space in which to be inspired! Can't wait to see it in person! Ever consider working for HGTV?

    You guys rock! xoxo