Wednesday, June 17, 2009

home sick

Well I guess I'll be sewing a lot--at least till next Wed. I hurt my back at work last Friday and can't go to work. Doc says...therapy 3 times a week starting sometime next week. I have 2lb weight limit, plus no twisting, pushing etc... So I came up with a new pattern to make baby bibs! The pink one is all scrap on the front. I made the denim one to go with the denim baby shoes. The bright ones are reversible--both fronts are strip pieced--one with terry, one with Bali and applique. And for the white bib and bootie set, I used dupioni silk. Today I made a patriotic one ,will make more I think.
All bibs and shoes are one of a kind.

For orders please leave a comment and e-mail.
Most of my shoes sell for $15.00 and Bibs for $8.00
The silk set sells for $ 30.00

1 comment:

  1. How cute! You are ready for business. New baby D is gonna be spoiled with Mimi Suzan surprises! I am glad you are finding low impact hobbies! :)

    Hope your back gets better soon!